In healthcare, we tend to focus on four different types of objectives: 1) services offered; 2) staffing; 3) services reimbursement, donations, and funding; and 4) constituents served.
October 9, 2018
Evaluate the findings and conclusions as to their significance for nursing.
October 9, 2018

Required Reading Assignment: American Academy of Pediatrics. (2008). Role of the school nurse in providing school health services. Pediatrics, 121(5), 1052-1056. /10.1542/peds.2008-0382 Instructions

  • Read the article
  • write a 1-2 page scholarly reflection, use the article “Role of the school nurse in providing school health services” above , and the nursing process below.
  • Nursing Process:
  • -Select an incident that occurred in the school where the nurse had a major role in responding to an illness or injury.
-Discuss how the nursing process was applied in the school setting. -The American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy statement identifies seven core roles that the School Nurse fulfills.  Describe the role(s) you observed the school nurse fulfilling during this incident.  Provide specific examples.   Here is the example you must use, ( E.D, 8 years old, boy , has asthma, he comes to school nurse complaining with difficult breathing and coughing. The school nurse auscultates his lung, also, student nurse auscultated his lung, they found wheezing lung sound in the right and left lower lobes.  Oxygen percent on the blood is (pulse oximetry 93%) The Nurse gave E.D Ventolin inhaler, after 10 min she auscultated the lungs. However, E.D still coughing and hardly breath. The nurse start gave him the nebulizer for 10 min. After that the Nurse asks E.D to stay in the clinic for half an hour observing him. Nurse contact E.D’s family by phone. She tells them that E.D is in her clinic for asthma attack after playing outside. The nurse tells parent that E.D needs a follow up with his doctor. E.D stats that he feels better. Nurse auscultated the lungs, no wheezing heard”.   You will need to cite from the article in APA style. And do the reference.    ]]>


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