The Connection between Diabetes and Suburban Sprawl
January 16, 2021
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January 16, 2021

Discuss three (3) positive and three (3) negative impacts of humans on the biosphere. Which positive and negative impacts do you believe are the most significant to consider. Justify your response.

Also, respond to my classmate post on the same topic:

Humans have been at the top of the ecological system and has used the resources in any manner they felt fit. As constant consumers of everything it is no wonder the world is facing changes on a regular basis. These changes range from using other animals and plants as food, service, and other resources that are within the world. Three negative impacts are: global warming, clear cutting forests and using the land improperly, and industrializing the resources that are available. All of these have caused extinction of some animals, resources depleting, and have harmed our world as a whole. Three positive impacts that humans have made on the biosphere are: domesticating animals, using resources to establish new products, and improving agriculture.
The impacts that are significant are agricultural because it was the early science or technology that many of us do not recognize. It brought forth improvements that allowed for people to use resources and other products that are important to us now. Negative impacts that are significant are industrialization because it brought forth new inventions but uses all the natural resources and causes turmoil in the world because each country is bargaining for oil or other products. It is difficult to see a world that has good and bad points but shows that just like people the biosphere is hit with a double-edged sword.


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