Herbalist 1000 word book report
April 5, 2021
Part 1 – MACRO Questions (Assignment for A-plus Writer)
April 5, 2021

Once you’ve read next session’s Drucker reading, identify 1-2 sources of change / innovation under each of 3 external sources that you see: Demographics Perceptions New Knowledge
Remember that the sources of change should be long-term, foundational, and specific (not just, say, increasing use of technology or social media).
If you identify a more recent shift, make sure it’s disruptive, widespread, and substantial. But again, aim for a specific change in behavior or perceptions rather than just a broad change, no matter how substantial (e.g., a pandemic).
Aim for a brief but substantive discussion (150 to 250 words). You can do any combination of the following:


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