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April 30, 2021
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April 30, 2021

D2 Discussion Prompt:

Answer the following TWO questions in 300 words or less. You may choose to divide the questions into two responses or fold the two questions into one essay response. Cite both our text and the Frontline piece OR the NYT piece about supplements in your discussion.

1. What is your understanding of opinion and fact.
-How are opinion and fact about supplements explored in the Frontline or NYT piece?
-Choose ONE of Ruggio’s 6 Key Principles for Thinking and explore how the scientists look at the issues.

2. Our skill sets as health professionals.
What is an issue that may come up in your current (or goal) health care profession area that could involve an issue of opinion/fact?
-How do your clients/patients/customers rely on your judgment?

You may include one reference page for the week to cover your discussion and your response posts. If you use an additional reference later in the week you can simply add an addendum. No need to rework your entire reference page.


Objective: The purpose of this discussion board is to reflect on the benefits and challenges of internet research as it applies to using the W.I.S.E. Approach to Critical Thinking.
Make sure you use APA style citations and references in your initial response. In your responses, continue to cite the references but you do not need to establish a new reference list.
MAKE SURE your reference list includes Ruggiero, the Ted talk, and the two websites.

  1. Read chapter 2 carefully
  2. Watch the TED talk by Markham Nolan: How to Separate Fact and Fiction Online.
  3. Explore these two sites—one a legitimate corporate sponsored site, the second, videos from a copy-cat site (the actual site has been taken down) with a very similar look.
    CAUTION—the copy-cat videos have graphic material and is not suitable for children.

Discussion Prompt: In 500 words or less, write on BOTH of these two questions:

1. 1. What principles or lessons can you draw from Markham Nolan’s presentation, and how are they important in the critical thinking process? How could the Copy-cat site and the Corporate site for Kellogg’s confuse viewers?
Make sure you refer to the content from chapter three as part of your reflection. Specifically cite an element of the W.I.S.E Approach.

  1. What did you learn that you can apply to your own discipline of thinking? Have you had classmates/patients/clients share something from the internet where you questioned the source?


Our author suggests that many of our personal assumptions are implied and often difficult to detect. We need to be able to make assumptions as we navigate through daily life. However, some assumptions we make are “unwarranted assumptions” which negatively impact our ability to be critical thinkers. Read chapter five and my personal story in our module in preparation for this discussion.

Discussion Prompt: In 350 words or less,

“Errors of perception are not blunders made while examining issues. They are faulty ways of seeing reality, preventing us from being open-minded even before we begin to apply our critical thinking” (Ruggerio, 2015, p.104).

Last Module I shared the story of my errors in looking at my daughter’s homework assignment. I was assuming my reality was complete, not realizing her world-view was much different. This Module I shared the story of mis-communication between a doctor and patient.

1. –Where do YOUR own errors of perception come from?

2. -How can they potentially impact your effectiveness as a critical thinker?

3. -What are some of the assumptions we make as healthcare professionals that could possibly have a negative impact?

Please support your answers; you MUST use Ruggerio, you are welcome to add other sources.
Use APA format for citations and reference page.
You may use first person in your discussion post.

D6 Discussion Board 6

Objective: Exploring how our critical thinking can be used to be a good communicator.

Ruggario suggests that we need to be aware of our own biases and ready to encounter others.

Discussion Prompt: In 500 words or less

Choose ONE of the following questions.
1. Describe a recent opportunity where you were called to be persuasive. Comment on if you were successful in getting a fair hearing and why.

2. Describe a situation in which a speaker’s being fair minded and honest and fair minded persuaded you. Explain how the person demonstrated those qualities.

Please support your answer. Include an APA format reference list including Ruggario and any other sources you use.


Objective: Exploring characteristics of good critical thinkers.

Watch this Khan video and reflect on our Ruggerio readings for this module.


Discussion Prompt: In 250-300 words or less

Using Ruggerio and the video, reflect on what YOU believe are the THREE most important characteristics that a person should have to be considered (in your opinion) a “good critical thinker”.
Do you have one or more of these three? Is there one you would like to develop?

Use the thoughts from the Khan academy video and from our text to support your choices.


Objective, final synthesis, incorporating the concepts of critical thinking into our daily lives.

We have been working for 8 weeks on these concepts of critical thinking and applying them to our careers as health professionals.
Have you found the concepts showing up in your decision making?

Discussion prompt 250-300 words.

Post an experience this past week that demonstrates you are using “good critical thinking skills”. It can be a work, school, or personal life experience.
Cite the Forbes article or the Chang video and our text to explore your thoughts.


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