Decoding the Ethics Code: Assessments
December 6, 2020
Upon arrival to the ICU, Mrs. J. and her family need education on the fl, week 4 discussion help
December 6, 2020

From the e-Activity, choose two (2) rewards that you received from your current or past employer. Indicate whether or not you found the rewards to be motivating in terms of your future performance. Provide a rationale for your response. John Doe, your subordinate, has been working been working long hours and meeting all of the deadlines on a high profile project for his company. Propose two (2) types of non-monetary rewards that you believe, as John’s boss, would both show your appreciation and motivate John to continue his high level of performance. (Paid time off, for example, would be a type of monetary reward.

Of the twelve (12) types of negotiating power described in the text, indicate two (2) that you believe are best for you to use on a regular basis. Tell why you believe these negotiating power approaches coincide with other strengths that you have.From the negotiating powers that you did not suggest in part 1 of this discussion, examine two (2) that you view as being weak approaches for negotiating purposes. Explain the main reasons why you believe these powers are ineffective.

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