How historical beliefs and religious practices have been influenced by the dominant American culture
October 20, 2020
Demonstrate the adjustment required when the subsidiary has a contingent liability for damages disclosed, for which the fair value is determined to…
October 20, 2020

Very straightforward, simple, and easy assignment.

#1. Confidence in the Media (Does not require 2 student responses)

Do you trust “media?” What media do you typically access to “know” what is going on in the world? How do you reconcile differing perspectives that arise in the media world – how do you know who’s telling the truth?

For added thought – is this important? When did we ever “know” the truth?

(Should be at least 100 words.)


#2. Inequality (Requires 2 student responses) *Explained below.

Describe the trend in global inequality over the course of the last century. Based on where we have been and where we are now, predict where the world may be a century from now. What prediction would modernization theory support? What about dependency theory? What do you think will happen? Why?

(minimum 150 words)

*In addition to Question #2, I would like you to simply respond to 2 other students’ responses agreeing with them on something they wrote with consideration of other student’s point of view. This is simply agreeing with a total of 2 other students responses with minimum 100 words each.

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