charity organization society cos movement and the settlement house movement
April 28, 2021
summarize (the person and the situation: B= f(P x S)
April 28, 2021

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the original question was this-  Find some type of message online that is intended to persuade. This could be an advertisement, a press release, a type of news story, etc. Just make sure it is appropriate to share in class. Post a link to the message and explain how the characteristics of the message assist in persuading the reader. Also explain what other persuasive characteristics could have been used in the message that you find. 
Student responses- 
Angelia  1 postsRe: Topic 7 DQ 1The following link will lead you to a press release by New York and Co. The characteristics of this message assist in persuading the reader because it uses language that implies the future as being positive for New York and Co. It discusses the gains and acquired web platforms that are supposed to give the company a boost to its revenue. They employ quotes that discuss stakeholders being pleased with the acquisitions as well as the direction of the company. Another persuasive characteristic that could have been used in addition to the language techniques used in the literal communication would be images that connect to the target audience. This connection would have made the news release more personable and relatable leading to more buy-in by the audience. Subsequently, this news release focuses on logos. It employs using evidence and statistics that many parties need to fully understand the future behind New York and Co. products. The logos of an advertisement will be the facts about the product. The manner in which this news release is presented influences the reader into thinking that using New York and Co. products or becoming involved with the company will put them ahead of society. Basically, the suggestion entails that using this product puts the user ahead of the times. After all “the current information age has created a challenging environment for many organizations” to stay ahead of future competitors (Cornelissen, 2017; p. 211).” 
Tiffany1 postsRe: Topic 7 DQ 1Below you will find a link that provides information on a recent endeavor for Kohl’s department stores. I took particular interest in this link because of its connection to education and my prior connection to Kohl’s as an employee. As an educator, I quickly can see how Kohl’s is attempting to broaden their audience base. This news’ intent is to persuade educators to support Kohl’s because of the appeal to one’s heart in terms of educating youth. The language employs words such as ‘cares’ and ‘favorites.’They also are referring to this promotion as a reach to the past. In current times, citizens are frustrated with society and stressed about their health and safety and our economy with the unceasing focus on news, politics and health/safety. Kohl’s is using this heightened fear to their advantage and persuading the audience by encouraging them to look back to a happier time. They use the language ‘journey’ and ‘back’ in the title, which is an immediate attention getter. However, they could have also used statistics outlining projected popularity of such products to encourage patrons to focus on the need to acquire the goods as soon as possible. “Corporate communication used to follow a command-and-control model with messages being issued from the top of the organization (Cornelissen, 2017; p 37).” However, such a means of communicating can appear distant and cold. Kohl’s made a smart move appealing to the emotions of their target audience.
Joe  1 postsRe: Topic 7 DQ 1The use of persuasive language “aims to reach stakeholders at a visceral level” (cornelissen, 2017).  This is what Boeing was trying to do with this press release attached below.  Boeing in the past 7-9 years has really been struggling with their image and negative perception.  With aircraft crashes, lying to customers about the safety of their aircraft, Boeing needed to do something to show a different more positive side to their organization.  Nothing does that faster than coming to the need of others in a national emergency.  Recently, Boeing donated $700k to the Red Cross to support victims of the devastating wildfires that has hit the west coast of the United States.  I feel this is a clear act to pursade people that they are an organizational that giving and their in the peoples time of need and by connecting themselves to the American Red Cross it legitimized the act of kindness. 
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