please follow the instructions and complete the work on time 1
April 2, 2021
q1 from a management perspective do you think target made any major mistakes explain q2 which of the four principal managerial functions were exhibited by ceo greg steinhafel q3 which of the seven managerial challenges discussed in this chapter i
April 2, 2021

Find and post an article about a trend in consumer behavior. (Your article can be any type of article from any place, but consider the source – is it credible?) Make sure to use the ‘link’ icon above (a chain) to create an active link. Then provide a few paragraphs summarizing the article AND your thoughts on how consumers are changing. Are companies responding to the trend appropriately? Do you have other suggestions for how to do that? Make sure you are focusing on a change in consumers, and not another environmental force. This is a huge field in marketing, so read the chapter to get some ideas for places to start. 
Your article and comments must be submitted before class, and we will discuss some of them.


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