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April 30, 2021
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April 30, 2021

This is the final project, In more than 4 pages (APA format), analyze a business situation where eCommerce methods are being applied to improve business results. Select a business sector of interest to you such as music, books, finance, consulting, etc. and summarize the business situation. This could be a business situation in the past which was improved by implementing a successful eCommerce project. Pay attention to metrics, such as sales growth or profitability or market share, and use a simple Excel spreadsheet to present the before and after results of implementing eCommerce methods. You can identify such eCommerce business projects by researching

Each of the previous week’s cases highlighted just such business situations, so you should have a feel for how to accomplish the final project. The overall format for the final eCommerce analysis should include the following:

  • An Overview and Executive Summary
  • Supply Chain Management & Operations
  • Marketing Plan (Product Positioning Statements & Public Relations Strategies)
  • Legal, Regulatory, & Ethical Strategies
  • A minimum of 5 citations from the text. Additional citations from outside sources are encouraged.
  • 8-10 slides of PPT presentation


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