The iron triangle of health care includes access, cost, and quality. All of them are dependent on each other. Likewise, altering one variable affects the remaining two. Focus your discussion on the following: Of the 3 variables in the iron triangle, which is the most important component in health care?
April 4, 2021
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April 4, 2021

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  1. Within Ancient Egyptian history, there have been many forms of architecture. Select and discuss one Egyptian building from the Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, or New Kingdom that you feel has been the most influential for ancient Egyptian architecture. Describe it, then evaluate its importance.
  2. Respond to at least one classmate’s post by offering additional details or ideas, a different perspective, or links to interesting, relevant articles or websites. Conclude with a question or new idea to further stimulate the discussion.

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my classmate’s response

I believe the Great Pyramids of Giza from the Old Kingdom have been the most influential for Egyptian architecture . The enormous scale of these pyramidal limestone structures represented one of the largest and tallest man-made structures for thousands of years and displays precision difficult to represent even today. Through implementation of Ashlar masonry methods, the pyramids have successfully withstood large scale earthquakes due to its impressive stability, another testament to the ingenuity of the architects. These pyramids have stood the test of time, and by doing so, forever cemented the legacy of the ancient Egyptians and their architecture.


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