You will be responsible for writing a brief paper about a fictional person with a mental illness. Your job is to present a realistic, accurate, and comprehensive portrayal of what a person with a cert
June 11, 2021
Evolutionary theory.Identify who or what contributed to the development of the theory. Were there key researchers or seminal research that led to the theory? Record whether the theory emphasizes natu
June 11, 2021

please i need someone to help me to solve my assignment 10 questions about embedded systems.

some of the topics:

– code initialization/ fixing incorrect code/…

– Alu, memory organization, read/ understand register value and operation

– status register, understanding program counter(PC)

– port register

– timers/ timer interrupt

-oscillator module

-looping in assembly…

i will send the lecture notes please read them carefuly then solve the 8 questions.


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