Capstone DB 3 Unit: Labor Relations & Performance Management
February 21, 2021
please do a 2 3 page intro for my team project
February 21, 2021

As we discussed, you will need to prepare a letter to the Dean in order to facilitate your return.  In this communication to the Dean, you will need to include your specific request a 3rdattempt of ID-5000.  You will also need to outline three specific topics; what happened, what has changed, and how you plan to be successful upon your return. Please note that you are petitioning the Dean to make an exception to policy.  It is important to ensure that your communication is free of all grammatical and spelling errors, as this is your opportunity to represent yourself directly to the Dean.  Once you have finalized this correspondence, please return directly to me.
Although it is my role to advocate for you directly with the Dean, please understand that I am not the one that will make any type of determination on the outcome of your request.  Once I receive a reply from the Dean, I will reach out to you immediately to communicate their decision and the next steps that we will need to take in order to finalize your return or other options that may be available to you.
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