ART Questions
April 30, 2021
listening and answering 3 questions
April 30, 2021

NOTE: Use below Textbooks only. 300 Words.
Create a thread of at least 300 words, which must include at least two citations. (NOTE: Your main thread must be at least 300 words. These word counts do not include Quotation or Footnotes; most deductions on discussion boards are for not meeting the word requirements)
Thread: The data from Christology and pneumatology flow into soteriology. First, discuss the distinctive work of both the Son of God and the Spirit of God in the procuring of salvation for humanity. What role does each of them have? Second, make clear the distinction between the assurance of salvation, the evidence of salvation, and security of salvation by contrasting the 3 terms.
You must only cite the course textbooks.
Third Edition
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