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March 27, 2019
Management; Strategic management analysis of Kroger:
March 27, 2019

Based on the narratives outlined in the book "Outliers" , select two of the following ideas (that are referenced in the book) to fashion and explain in the form a formal reflection essay, how they might assist you in reaching your goals during your studies at Seneca College. Reflection must be 3-5 pages (double spaced) in length with font no larger than 12 point and margins no larger than 1 inch. Please use proper referencing format , either MLA or APA but not both.
1. "Accumulative Advantage" leads to success
2. Success is due more to inborn talent or deliberate practice
3. "Practical Intelligenceā€ fosters success.
4. "Power Distance Index" may be advantageous or disadvantageous
For the two topics you decide to coin and discuss, you must highlight at least three ways each of these concepts has an impact on your life and success at Seneca College and beyond. (Include definition of the terms with examples from the book).
Take into account the dynamics of working in groups as the nature of employment is becoming more collaborative. Be sure to be specific and diverse in the examples you use. How do you see an understanding and awareness of your strengths and challenges in these domains shaping your future success both professionally and personally?

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