Ethical Thinking in the Liberal Arts

TOPIC: Narrative Christian Ethics PaperRead the “Précis Explanation and Overview” before beginning this assignment. Write a 800 to 1,200-word essay on the topic of Narrative Christian Ethics. The paper will consist of two parts. Part I is the précis (pronounced “preh-si”); Part II is the critical analysis.Part I: PrécisSummarize Chapter 9, beginning with the section titled “Christian Ethics as Narrative Ethics,” through the end of the chapter of Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics. Be sure to read the whole chapter for broader content and contextual understanding, even though your actual précis and critical analysis will focus on “Christian Ethics as Narrative Ethics” through the end of Chapter 9. Refrain from or severely limit utilizing quotations.In 600 to 800 words, briefly describe the author’s thesis, key concepts/ideas, key terms, the method/approach used by the author, and the evident purpose of (reason for) the author’s piece. The précis should consist of about two-thirds of the total word count for the essay.1. Use your own words to state what the author studied (or discussed)2. How it was accomplished (or the procedure/focus)3. What was learned (or what were the results)4. What it means (or why it is important)Part II: Critical AnalysisIn 200 to 400 words, write a critical analysis. Be sure to review the “Precis Explanation and Overview.” Include the word count at the end of Part II. Be sure to stay within the given word count range to avoid penalties for not meeting or exceeding the word-count range. The critical analysis should consist of about one-third of the total word count for the essay.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.STUDY MATERIALSRead Chapters 9 and 12 in Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics.Read Chapter 2 in The Story of Ethics: Fulfilling Our Human Nature.Read Matthew 5-7, Philippians 2:1-16, James 1-4, and 1 Peter 4.Read Chapter 9 “Christianity” by MacIntyre from A Short History of Ethics (2003). URL: “Divine Command Ethics” by Bretherton from the Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology (2011). URL: “Christian Ethics” by Gustafson from the Encyclopedia of Ethics (2001). URL: “The Theological Foundation of Christian Ethics: Methodological Issues” by Blocher from the European Journal of Theology (2015). URL: “Theological Ethics” by Quinn from the Encyclopedia of Ethics (2001). URL:


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