Describes the financial aspects of membership such initial joining and on-going fees.After completing your assignment, you mustcomplete this form and submit it to the Dropbox.The form is expandable and will enlarge the textbox to accommodate your answers.
March 18, 2019
Discuss decision-making processes in creating a budget.Resources: Budgets under Chief Financial Officer in the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization and the Health Care Budget assignment from Week Five
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Evaluate how a nursing intervention may or may not promote partnership working with a service user or care with Medication management

Part 1 (75%): 1500 word essay.
TP 4 Details of Assessment –
HECS 2184 assignment
• Title: Evaluate how a nursing intervention may or may not promote partnership working with a service user or care with Medication management
This is a 1500 word essay concerning the critical evaluation of partnership working within your area of practice. This assignment is intended to demonstrate your ability to understand and promote partnership working with service users or carer. This is a theoretical essay (not a case study) so the expectation is that you explore contemporary literature and policy as an evidence base for your discussion.
Guidance for your essay
Generic issues:
 Your essay should focus on a specific intervention with a service user or carer:
 This is not a reflection on something you have done with a service user or carer; it is purely a theoretical essay which requires you to explore contemporary literature.
 You need to provide a brief rationale for your topic choice and include as an appendix, it is not counted in your word count.
 Your evaluation should include reference to partnership working, and the potential barriers or difficulties of this in relation to your intervention.
 You should not duplicate work done in previous modules i.e. choose a different focus to analyse.
O The essay is a critical evaluation of a nursing intervention with a specific focus of how working in partnership with SU/C can be achieved.
O The essay is not a reflective essay or a case study.
O Understand that this is not about the benefit long term self care or management (which was the LTC assignment).
O Understand that partnership working relates to a service user / carer / professional specific interaction, which may occur at any point of contact.
O Recognise that in this instance partnership working relates to the sharing of information between SU/C and professional with the aim of each party having a clear understanding of their role and agreeing a way forward. It is not about partnership working between health professionals.
You can
O Choose something which you have seen in practice but DO NOT write a reflection of this event it is theoretical – so literature based evidence which supports the partnership working aspects.
O Choose something that interests you.
You cannot
O Use something you have already covered in Long term condition, Health promotion or TP1/2/3
The essay must have a clear focus, for example:
O Working with a patient to make decisions about managing a disfiguring condition such as stoma formation, amputation, burns, hair loss, scarring.
O Supporting stroke patients carers to make decisions about managing mobility at home.
O Agreeing strategies for managing pre op anxiety or post op pain
O Planning for changes following a life altering diagnosis, such as neurological disease, dementia, paralysis.
O Managing an aspect of care regarding a new diagnosis. E.g. agreeing a plan with a patient newly diagnosed with epilepsy for maintaining safety in the community
O Introduction- Two or three sentences outlining the focus of the essay, for example “This essay will analyse and evaluate an intervention undertaken to work in partnership with a service user to develop a strategy for managing ……
O Discussion on partnership – definitions and importance of health professionals and SU/C working in partnership to plan and make decisions. This discussion should look at policy, benefits, values (autonomy, choice, control), and interventions that support partnership working.
O Whilst we want you to consider the quality of the literature/research remember this not a research essay. You need to be concise.
O An exploration of the intervention you have chosen, with particular reference to partnership working.
O Understand is not about something you did, it is about the literature, finding the positives, pitfalls, problems and barriers to effective partnership working relating to your chosen topic
O Barriers and enablers of partnership working
O Moving away from a paternalistic model (professional knows best) to partnership model (patients and professionals each have a part to play)
O Decision making, and patient capability/capacity
O What and how information is shared
O The environment how and where information is shared.
O Language, hearing and visual difficulties
This is not an exhaustive list, feel free to discuss other aspects of working together in partnership with SU/C.


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