A client has been prescribed timolol (Timoptic). What are three (3) possible adverse effects of this medication and nursing interventions/client education related to these effects?
March 12, 2019
Analyze range theories derived from a grand nursing theory for ease of application to research and practice. discuss whether nursing is a profession or an occupation.
March 12, 2019

Evaluate the implications of new research for professional practice in sport psychology.
Sport Psychology Presentation

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies:
Competency 1: Apply psychological theories to explain and improve sport performance.
Competency 2: Evaluate the implications of new research for professional practice in sport psychology.
Competency 3: Address the unique needs of diverse participants and groups in sport to customize working models that fit specific populations.
Competency 4: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for members of the psychological professions.
Assignment Overview
The final assignment for this course allows you to take an area of particular interest in the field of sport psychology and develop a presentation for a specific audience. For example, this audience may be athletes, coaches, parents of youths in sports, or members of a professional organization. As this is the most applied assignment in the course, you are encouraged to select a topic that you anticipate presenting in your actual work, in addition to an audience with whom you currently (or aspire to) work. (You will not be required to make an actual presentation.)
Assignment Instructions
For your final assignment, you are asked to analyze how psychological theory can help to explain and improve sport performance in your chosen topic area. In creating this presentation, please make sure to specify the intended audience, gender, culture, ability level, and type of sport.
Develop your PowerPoint presentation and handout on one of the following course topics. Perform a search of peer-reviewed research on the topic.
Optimal performance.
Team dynamics.
Leadership (as it relates to sport).
Aggression (as it relates to sport).
Analyze the theoretical support of this concept or theory. In your analysis include how and why psychological theory has been used to explain this concept and the strengths and weaknesses of theory related to this area.
Depending on your selected audience, this information can be presented in either the actual presentation or in the notes of your presentation. It is essential, though, that this analysis is present somewhere and is supported, via in-text citations, with peer-reviewed literature.
Evaluate the current and past literature on a specific topic relating to sport psychology. Evaluate how the chosen sport psychology topic has been studied historically and how the history relates to performance. Assess how and why research has been applied to this concept. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of alternative sport psychology perspectives.
Apply theory and current research on the sport psychology topic to a diverse population. When applying theory and research be sure to:
Articulate strengths and weaknesses of various theories in regards to diversity.
Point out where theory is lacking in regards to diverse populations.


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