Assignment 1: Peer Critique of Final Interview Session
March 31, 2021
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March 31, 2021

Nutrition for Sports Performance
APA Formatting
Graduate level writing
400 words or more
3 or more reference
Title: Evaluating Sports Nutrition Sources
There are many sources of nutrition information for the athlete and/or people who coach athletes. How good are these websites? Let’s look at a few and evaluate.
For this forum, find a source of nutrition information for an athlete which could be yourself. I don’t care how outrageous the source and its claims are because I want you to evaluate it using these red flags.

Promises a quick fix
Dire danger warnings for a single product or regimen
Makes a claim that is too good to be true
Simple conclusions from a complex study
Recommendations are based on one or no research study
Statements are questioned by reputable scientific organizations
Lists “good” and “bad” foods
Recommendations are made to help sell a product
Recommendations are not evidence-based on peer-reviewed research studies
Recommendations use studies that ignore individual or group differences

In your forum post, discuss the sports nutrition source you found and evaluate it using the red flags. Be sure to include the source you are critiquing in your discussion post.
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