Evidence Based paper

Question descriptionThis is a evidence based paper for my nursing program. Needs to be 8-10 pages long, APA formatted must be correct, minimum of six peer- reviewed Scholarly sources. Attached is a rubric which needs to be followed and EACH question needs to be answered within the rubric. This rubric is broken down into sections such as introduction, Importance, Patient Population and so on. Please make sub headings for each topic and answer the questions in each of those subjects within the subheading. My PICOT question that this paper needs to be on is:

-Older adults that attend outpatient care clinics which initiate fall risk assessments have a decrease in numbers of falls verses those clinics that do not have a fall risk assessment implemented over a one year period.

Along with the rubric I have also attached my preview for this paper which was approved by the professor. This paper also has 3 references in the attachment if possible please use at least one. Also needs to be under 20% in TurnItin (plagersium website)


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