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December 14, 2020
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December 14, 2020

TASK: WRITE A SUBSTANTIVE RESPONSE (Minimum 50 words) TO THE 2 DISCUSSION POSTS THAT MY CLASSMATES SUBMITTED. In replies to classmates, offer additional proof if such proof can be documented, and comment on your perception of the strength of the evidence.

Explain to your classmates the problem you are addressing in your Portfolio Project and the type of support you are providing to show the problem exists. For example, are you using compelling statistics, a true narrative example, and/or a number of brief examples of the occurrence of the problem in specific locations or at specific times? Share briefly some of your evidence for the problem.

Post #1:
“The problem I am addressing is identity theft. Identity theft is all too common, due to internet access and poor protection of our personal data. Protecting ones identity has to be a priority, by shredding documents, changing passwords and pins regularly, you are deterring perpetrators and helping to eliminate identity theft. I am using compelling statistics to show how large the problem is. In 2013 there was an astounding 13.1 million adults who fell victim to identity theft (Leonard & Loftsgordon, 2015). In the United States identity theft is widespread and has the potential to threaten every household in America. “Identity theft has become one of the most ubiquitous crimes in the USA with estimates of the number of households being victimized annually ranging between 5% and 25% resulting in direct losses totaling hundreds of billions of dollars over the last few years.” (Piquero, Cohen, & Piquero, 2011 para 1). I discuss how the problem has grown not just from theft of one’s credit or banking information but to include medical and criminal identity theft, and again using compelling statistics. Medical identity theft, now accounts for 3% of identity theft crimes (Kieke, 2009). Currently about 4% of identity theft is criminal identity theft (Davis, 2005). I use mostly statistics in my paper and I do end with a short personal story in the conclusion to help connect the reader personally with the paper.”

Post #2:
“My paper is addressing the topic of poverty in Texas with an emphasis on homelessness. Poverty can include not only the homeless but working adults and panhandlers. I have found excellent sources and statistics; however, they seem to focus on homelessness instead of poverty as a whole. I think I’ll have to correct my rough draft by eliminating the word poverty and focusing primarily on homelessness. I’m not concentrating on any particular ethnicity but I found an article that discusses the racial inequality in the south and poverty is at its highest in the southern states (O’Connell, 2012).”

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