Identify explicit and implicit assumptions (values/beliefs) underlying the theory. On what assumptions does the theory build?
March 19, 2019
Conduct an interview of a highly respected community nursing leader from a variety of healthcare settings.have conducted an interview with a Nursing manager. I have attached that interview. Please utilize References Kouzes & Posner.
March 19, 2019

Explain which employees could make best use of wireless connections and explain how..Wireless Network Design ProjectSpring 2017I.

Your employer, Welgreen Pharmaceuticals, is a large manufacturer and distributor of generic, over-the-counter healthcare products. Its corporate campus consists of three buildings within two blocks of each other in the city of Chicago.Each building houses approximately 200 employees, in the following departments: Administration, Accounting, Research, Legal, Quality Control, Order Fulfillment, and Production.In addition, Welgreen Pharm owns a large distribution warehouse approximately ten miles away from the headquarters. Until now, its networks have relied entirely on wired connections. The company’s CIO (chief information officer) decided long ago that she would wait until wireless technology “settled down” before investing in it.I. Write a Proposal Letter to Welgreen’s Chief Information Officer; include in your letter the four major points listed below:1. Tell her about the new wireless standards (to convince her that now is the right time to adopt wireless technology).2. Also, give her detailed examples showing that wireless networking could improve the company’s productivity.3. Explain which employees could make best use of wireless connections and explain how..4. In what type of situations would all employees benefit from wireless networking?You have persuaded Welgreen Pharm’s CIO that wireless networking would benefit many of the company’s employees. However, she requests that you plan the network carefully and begin with a pilot network before migrating hundreds of clients to use wireless technology. You decide to begin with a pilot network in the distribution facility. The distribution facility is 600 feet long by 210 feet wide. It houses 65 employees during each shift, all on the same floor.II. Prepare a two-page narrative describing the pilot wireless network. As part of this planning document, draw a network diagram, including the quantity and optimal placement of access points. You should also address:1. What pitfalls, (some unique to this environment), will you need to be careful to avoid?2. What wireless standard do you recommend for this pilot wireless network? And be sure to explain why you recommend your particular wireless network standard.The time has come for Welgreen Pharm to expand. The board of directors has purchased another warehouse for a second distribution facility. This new warehouse is located in an industrial area, about eight miles from the company’s corporate office. Unfortunately, fiber-optic cable has not reached this area, and given the numerous obstacles to digging, it would be prohibitively expensive to install.III. Prepare a one-to-two page narrative describing the necessary upgrades to the pilot wireless network. Your narrative should include the following points:1.


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