Explanations what you got out of the museum visit, and doing the report

H101 HUMANITIES Visual Arts REPORT – Write Up, Format, Posting Instructions 1
SUMMARY of Assignment, based on the Visual Arts option. Your original report involves explaining your observations and critical thinking in sentence and paragraph form about the works you found that matched, in your view, the 5 categories of original works of art the art galleries, regional or world-class museum you attended. Report on your examination, and thoughts; comment on your findings from some outside research, and discuss the insights you gained in relation to our studies Length: 4 – 5 pages ~1200 ~ 1500 words, plus “Works Cited” list (with 2 or more reliable sources, beyond our textbooks). Earn up to 50 points. 10 pts. extra credit for eligible Bay Area venue.
Credit. If you attended a recommended world-class Bay Area art museum on the field trip or venue your own, you can earn up to 50 pts. for the visit, reporting with your own observations and thoughts, and comments on some research, plus 10 extra credit pts. for a Bay area venue w/ proof of visit.
In your Report, use your notes to from your Museum Visit Guidelines to explain what you saw and learned about the works. Photos or drawings of works are. You can refer briefly to label information, but use your own words to describe works, explain your thoughts, and comment on other people’s views. I want to hear your voice. (If you attended and reported on a Performance, draw from those guidelines to write your report, in essay form, in an order similar to the prompt sequence)
1. Blend your visual descriptions, your first-hand thoughts and comments, and information into discussions of your overall impressions of: – the museum (outside and inside layout, atmosphere). Include the time and date you attended. – how the artworks look, plus materials, techniques – their subject and how portrayed – possible messages, hidden meanings – the impact they had on you.
2. Explain how you see them relate to their own cultures and others, especially in how they give shape to worldviews, values, and lives (review Visual Arts Companion Museum Visit page). Include observations, facts, reasoning, and some outside research to support your points.
3. Conclude with your greater insights about arts, culture, and ideas in relation to humanity and its challenges. What did you gain from your visit and from working on the report?
About the Research. Look up more history/contextual background on 2 or 3 of your choices (or ones like them) in scholarly articles for more in-depth knowledge and connections to Humanities themes and issues. Use and cite reliable sources.
E. END MATERIAL follows the essay: Works Cited (texts, images and locations, bibliographical and website links and what they hold).
G. Post a) Proof of attendance–dated ticket stub(s), receipts, cell phone pic(s), etc. if not on Field Trip. (Students who did alternate report do not have to post proofs of attendance). b) Well-labeled illustrations (drawings or photos) c) Supplementary materials, as necessary. Label clearly.
CHECKLIST – HUMANITIES REPORT. Have you included these in your report?
• In addition to the 4 W’s (who, what, when, why, and where), discuss your overall impressions of the museum (as described on Museum Visit Sheet) and do bold-face, or titles of works you will discuss in your paper.
• Provide full-sentence descriptions and comments about 5 categories of art works, integrated into paragraphs, from your notes on their psychological impact, and your understanding/ appreciation of them for themselves and their relation to our studies.
H101 HUMANITIES Visual Arts REPORT – Write Up, Format, Posting Instructions 2
• Include thoughtful discussion of your Research on 2-3 of the works, or ones like them. Purpose: deeper knowledge of them, their historical and cultural context, the functions they served in society, possible hidden meanings/implications that require more than surface knowledge in terms of meaningful form, materials, styles, use of visual elements, etc.).
• Explanations what you got out of the museum visit, and doing the report. Relationships to aspects of our studies.
• Complete Citations for your research sources (either MLA or APA format- just be consistent).
• Post your clear proof of museum attendance as pdfs (except Field Trip and Alternate Report students), and include other relevant supplementary material in pdf form.
Note: This report is an individual project. It should not be written with other students. Use your own words to describe and comment on what you see and hear, not summaries or descriptions from elsewhere. Plagiarized reports or near duplicate reports will be turned back to the students and a failing grade will be given.
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