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Write a 4-5 page essay on the question, “Explore control of women and patriarchy in The Handmaids Tale, and We Should All Be Feminists“. Format: type, double-spaced, 12 “times roman front, black ink, 1 inch margins, MLA format for quotations and works cited. In addition to giving your essay a title, state which topic you are answering. Write a well organized, focused, unified critical essay with a THESIS in response to the topic. This assignment calls for an analytical essay, not a plot summary, personal appreciation, general overview, process paper or book review. In writing this essay, base your paper primarily on your own ideas and interpretations. Use specific details and quotes from the text to support your generalization, and try to address aspects of literary or film technique in the texts as well as their ideas (for example, symbolism, imagery, point of view). I expect the thesis to be present in the first paragraph introduction, for paragraphs to be about half a page long, and for your concluding paragraph to reinforce your argument supporting your thesis. In addition to giving your essay a title, indicate clearly which topic you are addressing. No outside sources its an essay about literature –no statistics needed. I will attach spark notes this is were I got all of my information on the two books on. If you can find information on the books else were that is also fine. Here is the links for spark notes “The Handmaids Tale” (


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