Fairview Design Project

  1. Describe the principles of directing and how you would employ then in your production of Fairview. Give careful thought here to the theme of the play and the conceptual way you “see” the show.
  2. Describe the objectives of scenic design and how these objectives are met. Give careful thought here to the type of theatre space you would use to stage the show.
  3. Describe the objectives of costume design and how these objectives are met and how you would employ them
  4. Describe the objectives of lighting design and the controllable properties of light that help to realize these objectives and how you employ them.
  5. Describe the objectives of sound design and how these objectives are met and how you would employ them.

(I am asking you to send me drafts of each of these questions. This way I can give you feedback to stimulate your thinking and your imagination!)

I am then asking you to do a visual representation of your ideas. This could be done in a PowerPoint or in drawings or in the building of a model. I ask you to be creative!

I. Director

a) Theme
b) Concept
c) Cast (Visual representation) This could be actual actors, but I would prefer looking for faces or images that fit your concept of the show. Concept is everything!

II. Set (Visual representation)

Ground plan (Create playing areas. Think exits and entrances. Think levels. Think furnishings. Wall treatment. Windows and doors. How does the set reflect character, theme and concept?)


III. Costume – 2 characters (Visual representation)

(Think about how costume reflects character, conflict, theme, concept. Does costume show power or lack of power? Does it show connection to other character or differences? Does costume reflect economic standing?)

-line (silhouette)

IV. Lights (Visual representation of a moment)

(Think about mood and how light affects and highlights moments of conflict. Pick a couple of specific moments and think about the lighting of those moments)


V. Sound (Audio presentation)

(Think about how sound can establish place and affect mood. Think about practical sound and how sound can underscore specific moments of action in the play)

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