Families and Culture around the world

Write an essay on your perception and learning about families and cultures around the world. Focus on beliefs, values, and child development practices of different cultures and countries around the world.
 Read books, articles in journal/s and watch movies/documentaries on child development practices of a country and culture of your choice. You will get information regarding the cultural values as expressed in childrearing practices from your reading and watching the movies/documentaries.
 Read at least one journal article on child development practices.
 Watch at least a movie or a documentary on the country and culture of your choice.
 Read children’s literature book/s on the same culture and country.
 Explain and analyze what did you learn about families/children, values and cultural practices
from reading those books, articles and watching the movie/documentary. Discuss about those
in your report.
 Write about the role of family members and community in raising and educating young
children in the culture and country of your choice.

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