assigment 6.2
January 14, 2021
Vectors and Newton’s laws
January 14, 2021

General Instructions:Complete essay below. Each essay must be completed in Word and must be double-spaced using Times New Roman 12 point font.Your submission must include the following:
All work must be your own and should be professional in appearance and language. Check for spelling and grammatical errors before submission.
Posted 4/24/19 Minimum of 3 pages not counting the questions below using Times New Roman 12 point font, double-spaced:

STEP #1 Read the materials in the module “Alternate” under Content. Then do you own research to find out more about Florida’s CON law or what is happening in Florida with respect to the proposed repeal of the CON law.
STEP #2: Write your answers to the following questions: Alternate Essay #1
1. What are the arguments in favor of Georgia’s certificate-of-need law according to the Georgia Alliance of Community Hospitals?
2. What are the reasons against Georgia’s certificate-of-need law according to the lawyers for Women’s Surgical Center, LLC?
3. Summarize the case Women’s Surgical Center, LLC v. Berry:
A. Briefly summarize the facts of the case.
B. What two main arguments does Women’s Surgical Center make as to why Georgia’s certificate-of-need law is invalid:
C. What is the purpose of the Georgia CON law under OCGA Section 31-6-1?:
D. What was Judge Melton’s final decision in this case?:
4. Floridan’s Certificate of Need law:
A. Summarize the current event taking place in the Florida House and Florida Senate regarding Florida’s certificate-of- need law (cite your sources)?
B. What are the reasons for the Florida House and Senate legislative proposals?
C. Summarize a few key similarities in the current Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee certificate-of-need laws? How are they different?
5. Reflect on the certificate of need laws and process in Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia and the evidence submitted in the Georgia case. Are certificate-of-need laws an effective way to regulate building or expansion of healthcare facilities to ensure quality care, orderly development, access and lower healthcare costs? Why or why not? What improvements or changes would you suggest.
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