Demonstrate synthesis of the knowledge and skills acquired in preceding graduate nursing core and specialty curriculum content.
April 1, 2021
Select an article about medicine, invasive species, nature, conservation, genetic technology, ecology, or any other topic that is related to biology.
April 1, 2021

Possible topics for the first paper


Using at least on


example of Jewish, Christian, or Islamic art (you may use

several if you wish), discuss the ways in which the artistic production

captures the values of the faith.


Take a religious celebration or

observance from the Jewish, Christian, or

Islamic tradition and trace its development through time up to the present.

In what ways has it changed and how has it remained the same?


How has architecture been used to reflect religious or spiritual values?

Choose a structure or structures from one of the faiths we’ve discussed and

explore the connections b

etween its form and functions,

and the

ideas of the



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