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October 5, 2020
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October 5, 2020


I have a lab report due on Thursday midnight (EST). wish if I can get some help write. I also have a previous different lab. (it is about a different topic but has a lot of feedback that can help you better write this lab. I have attached the marked first lab so you can take a look at the notes that the Prof has provided and need to be fixed in this lab.


Hello all,

I just wanted to make sure I communicated some feedback from Lab #1. Overall, the labs were done well. Please make sure to read the comments on your lab and consider the feedback when writing up Lab #2.

A few general points to note:

  • Please make sure you include all the sections the lab requires, I’ve attached the lab report guidelines here again as a reference
  • For the ‘Summary’ and ‘Conclusion’ sections please make sure you briefly state your final results and final conclusions (just a couple of sentences will do). For Lab #1 I was looking for average viscosity numbers and whether each fluid was Newtonian or non-Newtonian
  • Please include all your data tables in an appendix and refer to it when answering the questions. When asked to report data please be specific (ex. for question #2 in Lab #1 it would be best if you reported the average viscosities in the text instead of saying “refer to Table 1 for the viscosities”)
  • For the ‘Results and Discussion’ section make sure you answer all the questions in the lab manual
  • Please include a very brief summary of the experimental procedure
  • For the ‘Analysis’ section please make sure you systematically go over each equation you used in your calculations and relate it to the lab. Please don’t just provide a list of equations, explain how you went from what is measured in the lab to your final results


  • Discussion was missing a lot of answers to the questions in the lab Manual. For next lab report please write a full paragraph for each question answering it fully.
  • Equations need to be explained and show the full derivations (from Fluids equations, example: Bernoulli’s equation). By explain it also includes the conditions were the equation can be used. And all this needs to be in the analysis section
  • include all the assumptions that were considered to derive the equations used. For example: you can assume that a system is
  • Sample hand written calculations need to be attached
  • all data, tables, graphs need to be in the appendix and refer to them in the results and discussion section.

Please follow the instruction in the lab manual “LAB_2.pdf” and the lab should be structured as advised in the “Lab_Report_Requirements.pdf”. Please take into consideration all the feedback in lab 1 “lab 1 marked.pdf”.

please let me know if you have any questions.

note: I have attached the data sheet bellow (data collected in the lab and required to calculate the results of the lab)


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