Devry Nr508 Week 7 Quiz 2016
April 28, 2021
In this assignment, you will be writing an essay that demonstrates two lessons that you learned from a specific experience in your own life
April 28, 2021

McDonald’s Partners with Ford, CVS Recycling Failures and Friendship before Competition


I came across a few intriguing and informational articles regarding corporate social responsibility. I wanted to share these articles this week and look forward to hearing your thoughts, especially as one organization fell short after making big promises and another devised an innovative way to recycle and create a product. Finally, we speak of having an edge over competition. Ending the note with a feel good story regarding friendship before rivalry. From a community spirit and goodwill gesture, this business person’s sincere gesture speaks volumes regarding culture and ethics. What are your thoughts?

N. A. (2019). Ford is turning McDonald’s coffee waste into headlights. CNN.

Coleman, J. (2019). California fines CVS $3.6M for failing to redeem recyclables. The Hill.

Levitt, A. (2019). ‘Friendship over business’: Coffee shop owner helps competitor stay open. Takeout.

minimum of 100 words. APA, not title page. Only one reference.


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