Many sources exist that are triggers for theory development through the study of concepts and their related propositions.
April 23, 2018
Community/Public Health Nursing is concerned with the needs of populations in global communities as well as local neighborhoods
April 23, 2018

Introduction: general idea about the impact of evidence informed postnatal care on the safety of the mothers in the postnatal period (the impact on mothers only).

First paragraph:

Define postnatal care, safe motherhood (paraphrase the definitions).

Second paragraph: Discuss the epidemiology of the maternal and newborn deaths in Kingdom of Saidi Arabia and compare the statistics with other countries worlwide.

Third paragraph: Explore and analyse the factors that are associated with mortality and morbidity for morhers in postnatal period.

Fourth: Discuss the nurse role in providing (evidence based postnatal nursing care) for mothers in postnatal period and the impact of this care on the mortality and morbidity rate ( support with the findings of recent studies).

In the conclusion, capture the main points, make some knowledgeable suggestions and propse some ways forward to support safe care of women during this phase of pregnancy.

Reliability and validity are concepts that commonly confuse students – define these two concepts with simple words that help your group remember how to tell these concepts apart.

Can a measure be reliable but not valid? Give an example.

Can a measure be valid but not reliable? Give an example.

The major threats to internal validity are listed in the boxes on pages 172 & 173 of your text. Prioritize them, and then defend the one you have selected as the number one threat to address.


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