HCM630 SNHU Proactive & React Prevention Programs in Patient Satisfaction Paper

This assignment asks you to contrast two types of risk management programs: the proactive risk prevention program and the reactive risk management program. There are important aspects of both types that pertain to establishing and maintaining quality improvement (QI) in a healthcare organization. The risk approach taken to address quality issues, depending on whether it is proactive or reactive, can affect the landscape of continuous quality improvement (CQI) and the health team members’ view of this landscape. As you work on this assignment, you will be asked to consider which approach offers a greater prospect of a successful CQI program or, as an alternative, are both approaches vital to viable QI initiatives?

Prompt: Your submission must include the following critical elements:
 Identify the differences between a proactive risk prevention program and a reactive risk management program.
 Explain the possibility or inability of the two types of programs to exist simultaneously.
 Provide at least two points of clinical distinction between the two types of programs and explain your rationale.

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