Clear identification of the practice issue is the first step in evidence-based nursing
October 9, 2018
Evaluate effectiveness of communications patterns using specific management situations
October 9, 2018

Political Activism Paper & Letter See Schedule for Due date:   Purpose– The purpose of this assignment is to allow the student the opportunity to complete an analysis of a health issue in order to serve as an advocate for community health nursing and consumers. Students are expected to present a sound logical argument regarding the issue. Directions- A. Select a health-related issue (bill) that is currently being publicly discussed. This issue is to be selected from legislation that is currently before the General Assembly in your own state or nationally. Access to proposed legislation for the current session year for Virginia can be found on the VNA homepage at: This issue may be one of current interest to you or related to your clinical site.  All issues must be health related.   The National League for Nursing (NLN) Action Advocacy Center is an excellent resource. You can use this site to find officials in your state. Just type your zip code in the box under the “Find Officials” tab.

  1. Write a paper, not to exceed five (5) pages, that includes the following (all professional papers are to have an introduction and summary paragraph): (see grading rubric)
1.) Statement of the issue:  Explain the issue and related bill 2.) Statement of your position on the issue: Explain if you are support or oppose the bill.  Provide supportive rationale for       your position. 3.) Supporting documentation, minimum of two (2) articles, one of which must be research:  Utilize research documentation to support your position. This is not a separate heading. Research must be synthesized and incorporated in your position.
  1. Write a letter (one-page) to the official that represents your district regarding your health-related bill/issue (use your paper as a guide
  You can use this site to find officials in your state. Just type your zip code in the box under the “Find Officials” tab.  
  1. The letter is to be submitted as an appendix to the paper. (See APA handbook for directions on how to do this).
  1. Once you submit the letter electronically you should receive confirmation that it was received. A screenshot of the confirmation must be submitted as an appendix to the paper as part of your grade.
    NLN- National Advocacy Center]]>


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