October 5, 2020
leadership theory 6
October 5, 2020

(a)What are the main differences between the bond markets and stock markets? (0.5 Marks)
Rutledge, Inc., has invested $100,000 in a project that will produce cash flows of $45,000, $37,500, and $42,950 over the next three years. Find the payback period for the project. (1 Mark)
Using Capital Asset Pricing model (CAPM), Calculate expected rate of return for a stock if the risk free rate of return is 9 percent, expected return on market is 14 percent and beta for the stock is 1.4.(1 Mark).

(b) Nynet, Inc., paid a dividend of $4.18 last year. The company does not expect to increase its dividend i the foreseeable future. If the required rate of return is 18.5 percent, what is the current price of the stock? (0.5 Marks)

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