“Creativity is a complex phenomenon and there is no consensual view on what it is. Instead, what is creativity depends on how we look at it.” Illustrate this thesis by comparing the following the
March 4, 2021
Resistance and Communication
March 4, 2021

Describe the old kingdom period of egypt , from queen Nimathap through king Snefru , first king of the fourth Dynasty . At a minimum include the following .
Queen Nimathap , memphis ( white walls ) , king Sanakhte , king Djoser , the building of Djoser’s step Pyramid , Imhotep , the use of Pyramid complexes , king Khaba , king huni and the Meydum pyramid , king Snerfu , the bent Pyramid and the red pyramid.
please make sure there are no plagiarism !! . It’s my midterm exam so please do it well.

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