October 5, 2020
Describe the disorder you are researching.
October 5, 2020

CHOOSE THREE (3) OF THE FOLLOWING ESSAY QUESTIONS. In a one-page essay, respond to each question. You MUST use sources from the course material. This can include the textbook but should also include primary sources, videos, articles or outside material that you find. Please cite all sources in MLA format and submit your assignment here:
1. What were some of the long term effects of the Crusades? Please consider both the participants and the larger communities of Europeans and Middle Eastern peoples in your answer.
2. Disease has played a major role in shaping human history. Discuss two such times and how it may have changed the course of events.
3. Mayan civilization evolved in isolation from that of Europe, Africa and Asia. What parallels can you find in the society of the Mayans and the others we have studied?
4.Was climate a key factor in producing economic, social and political changes in history during the period studied in this class? Provide an example in your answer.
5. Describe an individual studied in this class who had a significant effect upon history and why.
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