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April 2, 2021
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April 2, 2021

Write about 4-5 paragraphs for each question (1, 2, 3, 4,5,6,7,8) and be sure to address every element (A and B) of the prompt and explain and support each point with examples and details. 1) After centuries of looking inwards, several European nations started to
push outwards during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
A) What historical developments fueled such expansiveness?
B) What did explorers such as Christopher Columbus hope to accomplish in
the so-called “New World”?
2) Though centered on tropical sugar plantations, the Atlantic System
transformed the North American colonies.
A) Summarize the chief roles (i.e., their imports and exports) of West
Africa, the Caribbean, and Britain’s North American colonies (north and
south) inside the system.
B) What colonial industries grew in response to rising international
3) The French and Indian War signaled a new, more contentious phase in
the relationship between Britain and its North American colonies.
A) What were the immediate problems stemming from this conflict?
B) How did the British government of George Grenville try to address those

4) The ratification of the U.S. Constitution created a stronger national
government but did not end debate about that government’s proper role.
A) Explain Alexander Hamilton and Federalists’ distinctive vision for their
B) Outline Thomas Jefferson and Democratic Republicans’ rebuttal.
5) Andrew Jackson transformed U.S. national politics as well as the
executive branch.
A) Explain the most important political changes that predated his 1828
campaign and helped make his election possible.
B) What were President Jackson’s three chief political fights? Describe them
and explain how each illustrates his governing philosophy.
6) The notion of so-called “Manifest Destiny” characterized much of
American political discourse during the 1840s.
A) Explain the major ideological components of “Manifest Destiny”.
B) List and discuss U.S. territorial acquisitions during the 1840s, and note
how each reflects belief in this “Manifest Destiny.”

7) Many historians call the Civil War one of the first “modern” wars in World
History, in part because of how the Union and Confederate governments
mobilized resources.
A) How did the Union government obtain the soldiers, supplies, and social
support that were necessary for the successful war effort?
B) What were the long-term effects of such mobilization and “total war”
combat on the North (and eventually U.S.)?
8) Many Republicans believed that only a true transformation of the ex-
Confederacy could realize the promise of Union’s victory.
A) What did Radical Republicans hope to accomplish through their
distinctive vision of Reconstruction?
B) What events and developments conspired to defeat this Republican
program for the postwar ex-Confederacy?


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