cmr302 assignment 6
April 2, 2021
help with psychology assignment
April 2, 2021

Create a film flyer/poster for one of the following cinemas/topics:

Third Cinema
Indian Cinema
African Cinema
Chinese Cinema
Iranian Cinema
Women Filmmakers
African American Cinema
LGBT Film History

This assignment will require you to do outside research. Your flyer/poster should include a clear discussion of the following: conventions, genres, possible cinematography elements, specific films, cultural topics, and narrative.
Write a 525-word summary of why you chose your specific cinema/topic, and a brief history of the cinema/topic.
Include in your flyer famous actors from those cinemas/topics, titles of movies, and details of the cinema/topics.
Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.
Submit your completed PowerPoint® to the Assignment Files tab.    

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