Explain the potential impact of white privilege on clients from both dominant and minority groups
December 3, 2018
What is something new or interesting that you found related to people’s decision not to marry?
December 3, 2018

The Shining or The Sixth Sense – Critical Thinking Assignment

Choose one movie and answer the following questions.

-read 2 articles of the list.  Use these materials as references for your assignment (cite appropriately please).

1. Be aware of your emotions and physiological reactions during the movie. Take notes on them. How do your expectations and beliefs contribute to your reaction?

2. Describe more fully what makes this movie frightening? What types of film effects do you notice that contribute to the suspense/fear (music, shot angles, lighting, etc.)?

4. Do you identify with any of the characters? Which ones? Why or why not? Does this add to or detract from the fear?

5. What are some common themes of fear you notice… are there certain fears that seem to be Universal?

6. What would you like to see in the future of movie-making? Anything goes—movie content,

movie presentation, theater design—be creative!

7. Note any other observations you’ve made about the topic/film!


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