Discuss How Saudi MOH Communicated With The Population During COVID-19 And Give Examples. What Is Your Opinion?
June 11, 2021
Poetry Analysis
June 11, 2021

I need this essay in Harvard style, and I need it to be very analytical as well using sources attached and more if needed. Below is a module summary to better understand the subject:

This module will examine popular culture and its manifestations in the digital domain. The module content will critically analyse and decode the evolution of popular culture across the digital age, observing phenomena like news making, video making, art, celebrity and micro-celebrity, fashion, work and music. Students will learn to identify, understand and critically assess how popular culture has been evolving in conjunction with digital technologies and their increasingly ubiquitous role in the everyday life of a large number of people.

By drawing on literature across critical theory, cultural studies, cultural sociology and media studies, the module will investigate the nature of cultural value, the modes of expression and sociality of the digital age, with the aim of understanding the social and cultural imaginaries that develop in a digital culture. The module will expose students to a variety of phenomena, with the aim of stimulating independent appraisal and critical examination of the various manifestations of popular culture in the digital domain.

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This week considers the impact of digital technologies on food culture, a central component of everyday life and popular culture. It looks at the social, cultural and ethical dimensions of using digital technologies in food production, consumption, the marketing of health and dieting, and the politics of food sustainability. You will learn about how digital technology has fostered a global food culture, and consider ideas of authenticity and nationhood in relation to geographically specific food cultures. You will also explore the cutting edge technologies in environmental sustainability, such as artificial leather and food which can cook itself.


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