June 6, 2020
June 6, 2020

Hi Class,

What follows is additional guidance on completing your Final Project.


Please include a COVER PAGE with your final project submission, along with your name, course and assignment title. Any research utilized for this assignment, should be both cited within the paper, where applicable, along with a reference page at the end of your paper, using APA guidelines.


If you do not use the Final Project template, make sure to cover all sections identified in the rubric in an essay type paper.


Section I – Personality and Self-Concept: In this section, you will devote one detailed paragraph at a minimum (you are encouraged to write more) to your identified strengths and one detailed paragraph for your identified weaknesses as you consider future leadership opportunities. You may use or draw from your SWOT analysis as you talk about your identified strengths and weaknesses. Please be sure to address the following in the two sections of your paragraph


A. Strengths: Discuss the aspects of your personality and self-concept that serve as strengths for you to consider in future leadership opportunities. Why are these important to you and to others you may be leading?


B. Areas of Improvement: Conversely, what aspects of your personality and self-concept may lead to difficulties in your future work as a leader? What areas of improvement have you identified?


HINT: Please be sure you include your Jungian personality type in your answer – MINIMUM OF TWO PARAGRAPHS FOR SECTION I


Section II – Human Interaction Skills


In a minimum of two paragraphs (students are encouraged to write more, if desired), you will identify at least TWO skills—drawing from your course readings and your own experiences—that can positively influence workplace productivity, engagement, and/or motivation. In your

discussion of each skill, be sure to address the following questions underneath the skill:


A. Description of Skill: What is this skill, and how is it used in personnel management? B. Engagement and Motivation: How specifically would this skill positively impact engagement or motivation? C. Intended Impact: How specifically does this skill positively influence workplace productivity?


Section III – Your Leadership Philosophy


Finally, you will bring together your reflections on personality, self-concept, and human interaction skills in order to create actionable steps for your future as a leader. First, include a minimum of one paragraph answering the first prompt below. Then, identify three goals to enhance your skills as a leader.


A. First, reflect on how this experience has helped shape your personal leadership philosophy. Be specific. Does your leadership philosophy align with one of the leadership theories from the book, such as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the ERG Theory, Equity Theory, Reinforcement Theory, Acquired Needs Theory, Transformational Leadership, etc.


B. Next, using the provided plan template, identify relevant goals to enhance your skills as a leader, action steps to achieving those goals, potential obstacles you may face, and a plan to overcome those obstacles


For this section, consider all the coursework and discussions that allowed you to craft sections I and II above. Focus on your personality, self -concept, and human interaction skills you have mentioned to help you write your ‘Personal Leadership Philosophy’.


Section IV: Relevant Goals:


In the section below identify THREE GOALS to enhance your skills as a leader. Answer the following questions for each goal: What are action steps I can take to achieve this goal; what are potential obstacles I may face, and what is my plan to overcome these obstacles?


Example of a goal, actions steps, potential obstacles, and a plan to overcome potential obstacles:


Goal: To learn to pay attention and demonstrate to others that I value what they have to say.


Action Steps: Use active listening, open ended questions, body language, and eliminate distractions that get in the way of my ability to listen.


Potential Obstacle: Not listening with an open and unbiased attitude; not refraining from going on the defensive and not understanding the situation before taking a position.


To overcome obstacle: Jot down or make mental note of key words, ideas and questions to ask later and to stop what I am doing and focus completely on the employee(s).


The biggest oversight I find with student submissions is the failure to write out the goals as ‘complete sentences’, or not making the goal clear or specific.


Use the S.M.A.R.T. method to develop your goals.


S = specific

M = measurable

A = achievable

R = relevant

T = time bound


If you have any questions, please email me or place in the General Discussion area. Good luck and I know that you have this. This is your course.


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