Kings Conceptual Theory –
April 30, 2021
statistic exam 1 hour 25 questions
April 30, 2021

Book: Perry, Michael J. 2013. Human Rights in the Constitutional Law of the United States. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, Introduction and Chapters 1-2.

Article from assigned reading is uploaded below in upload folder.

While the reasons for concerning ourselves with how our government treats us in our own country are self-evident, why do we care about this more generally as it applies to other nation-states? What is the difference between a human moral right and a legal right? What events resulted in the emergence of the written texts (legal documents) and international institutions focused on human rights?[Draw a diagram that illustrates the time line.] How or under what circumstances are the rights specified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the other United Nations covenants, conventions, and treaties legal rights in the practical sense of the term? 4-Who are the duty-bearers?

Frame one or two main points and refer to specific texts and examples from the assigned readings

extra read or video…


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