Seafood Categorization Quiz Question
December 14, 2020
De Vry University Nursing Concept Maps or Care Plans Composition
December 14, 2020

Present and discuss an example of cross-fertilization  between two or more art forms. For example, you might compare a theater  presentation with a film adapation of the same play, or discover and  describe how a poem can be illustrated as a drawing or painting.  
For this discussion, you might also compare art forms  between two different cultures.  For example, you might compare how  religious images or music differ between religious or cultural groups.
Be sure to include images and links so everyone can see or hear what you’re discussing, and make sure to use one  interpretative tool from the semester to say something about the things  you are comparing. Make sure refer to the Learning Resource for the  tool and which week it is from either in your narrative or as a  citation.
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