Propose individualized comprehensive care by integrating theories and principles of nursing and related disciplines
January 14, 2021
January 14, 2021

Please imitate this poem and create a new one
Walt Whitman by Francisco Aragón
His country of iron where he lives: an older man, fatherly,…….strong, wholesome calm,….his appearance impressive–the furrow of his brow…….persuades and charms, no end
to his soul that mimics a mirror, the tired curve of…….his shoulders draped with a cloak;and with his harp–carved from oak–he sings his song…….like a prophet. He’s a priest
fueling a wind that promises and promises…Fly!, he says…….to an eagle, to a seaman: Row!while a chiselled, robust worker hears: Put your shoulder
…….to the wheel! This is the path
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