Describe the importance of the data view versus the process view for the design of the new ATS.
September 19, 2019
·Drawing from the theory you chose to frame your answer, are children driven by inborn motives and instincts or, rather, are they products of their environments? 
September 19, 2019

You will accomplish this by writing a 7 pages APA formatted paper.

Choose one topic.

You need to use it as your title.

1. Describe sociological thinking of families and how it has changed over time.

2. Analyze patterns of marriage, childbearing, and divorce.

3. Recognize alternatives to traditional marriage and family patterns.

4. Discuss sociologists’ explanations for achievement gaps between different groups of students.

5. Describe sociological perspectives on the role of schooling in society.

6. Identify whether education reduces or perpetuates inequality and how social/cultural influences impact educational achievement.

7. Identify current educational issues that concern sociologists.
You should retype the given research paper on Mobile Device Protection using the MLA documentation style and the Word research paper features (ie. insert citation, insert footnote). You do not have to do any additional research.

Please discuss health heritage of the Appalachian and Arab people and how their cultural beliefs influence the delivery of health care (focus on community care).

Mention at least 2 health practices of the Appalachian and Arab people and if there is any pros and cons in the delivery of health care.

As stated in the syllabus present your assignment in a word document Arial 12 font APA format. A minimum of 2 evidence based references no older than 5 years are required.



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