Briefly discuss the Labor Relations Process as addressed in the Fried and Fottler text and discuss any experience you may had with a unionized work force.
May 8, 2018
Prepare a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that integrates Watson’s theory of human caring, transcultural considerations,
May 8, 2018

Analyzing Persuasive Communications
Recall that your text defines persuasion as “an attempt to convince others to change their attitudes or behavior” (Perloff, 2014, p. 21). For the Discussion this week, you analyzed your own approach to influencing another person in a positive way. You also considered whether, based on your current understanding of different forms of persuasion, you are comfortable with the methods you used.
For your Assignment this week, you will continue to focus on approaches used to persuade by considering the ethics of persuasion and, particularly, techniques used by people in work situations. In evaluating specific interactions, you will apply normative theories of ethics. Keep in mind that normative theories are the “ought to” ideas of what people ought to do based upon moral philosophy. Normative ethics involve the person’s character and how we judge them. Do we call them honest? Are they trustworthy?
For this Assignment, you will analyze your everyday communications with others using normative theories of ethics that you study this week.
To prepare:
Review the Week 1 Assignment Instructions handout from the Learning Resources.
Use the Week 1 Assignment Template document from the Learning Resources to record the persuasive communications you encounter in a 24-hour period. Record at least four entries. Follow the guidelines on the Instructions sheet to include all key information about each communication.
Review the reading in the text and the code(s) of ethics that correlate most closely to your current work or the profession you want to enter. Select one organization’s code of ethics to use in evaluating the behavior in each communication you record. For communications that are more personal than professional, identify specific guidelines within the code of ethics you chose that could logically be used to evaluate personal interactions.
Reflect on the entries in your completed chart. For each entry, consider what you were thinking at the time and how you felt.


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