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March 27, 2019
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March 27, 2019

Innovation; Innovation
Post-Module Assignment Innovation February 2019
Consider the 2 questions and critically discuss them as an essay: (max. one A4 page per question, 11pt – single spacing)

1. The amount of data that is acquired and stored by organizations has increased immensely within the last few years. Experts say that the so called “big data” is going to change entire businesses and societies. As innovation consultant see this megatrend as a new business opportunity. Apply a model or framework of your choice to describe your big data business idea as concrete as possible and explain its potentials as well as challenges.

2. In recent years crowdsourcing has gained a huge momentum and many companies used online innovation contests for either ideation or problem solving. Thus, crowdsourcing proved both, spectacular success (e.g. Intel, Local Motors, Threadless or Coca-Cola), and failures (e.g. Durex, Henkel or NASA). Discuss the challenges and opportunities for different forms of crowdsourcing contests from an organizational perspective.

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