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February 24, 2021
explain genre theory and using chapter 4 text reference thoroughly describe conventions and
February 24, 2021

International Marketing Unit 1As a consultant for EduTot, an educational toy company, you have worked with marketing experts in similar industries and concluded that exporting is the best marketing strategy for a company starting in the international arena. Also, based on the amount of unsolicited inquiries you received in the past 5 years, extensive gathering of business media reports, and analysis of political risk reports, you determined the following countries had the greatest potential to accept the product: Spain, Ireland, France, Morocco, and Venezuela.
Your first task is to analyze the environmental factors impacting marketing in each of the countries and report the following information to the vice president:
population demographics
social and cultural consumption values
trade agreements with the United States
economic performance measures
marketing infrastructure
Create an Excel spreadsheet that addresses the environmental factors impacting marketing each of these countries.
Then, write a 1 to 2 page paper that explains on your analysis of the information above. Justify your analysis with data and qualified information.
For more information on creating Excel Spreadsheets, please visit the Excel Lab.




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