What makes nursing case management special ?Is it appropriate for everyone?
May 8, 2018
To demonstrate writing skills and mastery of the course content, the student will write a comprehensive leadership concept analysis paper.
May 8, 2018

Intra- and Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) report The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health in this week’s Learning Resources indicates there are

3 million members of the nursing profession in the United States, composing the largest segment of health care workers.

As the health care field continues to evolve, nurses with advanced degrees are likely to fulfill leadership roles and work collaboratively with other

health care professionals to improve access to care and promote quality.

The AACN and the IOM stress the importance of intra- and interprofessional collaboration.

In this week’s media presentation, “The Professional Role of the DNP Prepared Nurse,” Dr. Stanley, Dr. Stefan, and Dr. Beechinor discuss the value of intra- and interprofessional collaboration across the spectrum of health care delivery.

Dr. Beechinor also speaks about the benefits of engaging in collaboration during a doctoral program, and how this can aid students as they prepare for new professional roles.

The experts also discuss why collaboration is essential for nursing research.

To prepare:

With information from the Learning Resources in mind, consider the value of intra- and interprofessional collaborative practice in professional

practice and as you engage in your doctoral studies.

What opportunities do you see for engaging in intra- and interprofessional collaborative practice?

Write a cohesive response that addresses the following:

Evaluate the value of intra- and interprofessional collaborative practice as a DNP prepared nurse and how it may impact your role.

Provide at least two detailed examples to support your response.


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