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March 3, 2021
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March 3, 2021

We are familiar to citric acid, a weak organic acid with e no 330. Sodium citrate, acetic acid, lactic acid are common acidity regulators. Also there are other examples of food additives. What are food additives? Additives in food perform a variety of useful functions. They are added during the processing or making of that food to keep them fresh or to enhance their color, flavor or texture. Food additives play an important role in our food supply, as well as ensuring our food is safe and meets the needs of consumers. How much do people know about food E-numbers, food categories, safety applications & uses?

Additives must be assessed for safety before they can be used in food. Food additive manufacturers should be professional in manufacturing. For example, E508 food additives potassium chloride can be used as flavour enhancers, stabilizer & coagulators and nutrition enhancers; flavor enhancers 621 ( MSG ) is the sodium salt of glutamic acid; an anti-foaming agent reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids. The common food additives such as vitamins, ascorbic acid food additive, calcium carbonate food additive, carrageenan food additive and tbhq food additive are the ingredients of food.

People may wonder why propylene glycol food additive is necessary? Can not we have natural food today? Yes, natural food are health and safety. But the modern food industry need food additives. The advantages of food additives are save cost and convenient. The preservatives and food additives are chemicals added to foods to keep them fresh and slow spoilage. Some may want to avoid food additives because they have food additives allergy. They can choose gluten free ones, such as gluten free thickeners is a choice.

Food additive suppliers can offer kinds of food additives. When seeing the unfamiliar names like propylene glycol food additive, e262 food additive, ascorbic acid food additive, etc, people may misunderstanding they are chemicals and harmful. Take food coloring powders as an example, we like all colours of food. The red food colouring or black food colouring are the most common food dyes. Food additive companies can be find in global, and China food additives suppliers is one of the best choice, for they have types of food additives, they also guarantee their qualities meet the needs of customers.


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