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April 30, 2021
after watching the documentary respond to the following questions submit your responses by 11 59pm on sunday please number your responses and do not re write the questions in 3 5 pages
April 30, 2021

Item 1
Consider the importance of critical thinking in evaluating information obtained through various sources, including psychological research.
Address the following in your Item 1 written response (3-4 paragraphs):

Explain the importance of critical thinking and the implications of not questioning information.
Describe how you will use critical thinking to develop a research topic.

Item 2
Complete the following tasks in preparation for your Item 2 written response:

Place your Item 1 written response in a separate Word document
Then, access Turnitin
Submit your Word document for academic integrity and retain the Similarity Report from Turnitin.

Address the following in your Item 2 written response, based on the Similarity Report from Turnitin and the Grammarly report: (4–5 paragraphs)

Revise your original Item 1 (from the Word document) and make any necessary changes to grammar, academic writing, or APA format. Make sure to include your revision in your response below.
Explain what you learned about your academic writing skills, including strengths and areas needing improvement. Further explain the resources that you will rely on going forward within this area of expertise.

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